Bullying affects the victim physically, socially, and emotionally (mental/psychological)

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Trevor Moss

Trevor Moss grew up in New Wes Valley (aka Wesleyville), a rural community in central Newfoundland. Until grade eight when he attended Lester Pearson Memorial High School, Trevor had a fairly easy school life during primary/elementry years with good relationships with his peers. From the first days of grade eight onward, Trevor was bullied. It was an everyday occurrence, yet he was resilient and strong enough to overcome the horrific experience, but it was not easy. In fact, it was difficult for Trevor years following high school when it came to establishing relationships with others. Not only that – he lacked much self-esteem and self-confidence. Today, Trevor is a husband, father of two children, and a teacher. He expects his first book, “Parable: Rise Above Bullying,” to be helpful and enjoyed by anyone who reads it.

Trevor was recently featured on NTV: First Edition talking about the book. You can view it now (click here). If you would like to continue the discussion about bullying, you can view my Bullying 101 Facebook page.