Bullying affects the victim physically, socially, and emotionally (mental/psychological)

Parable:Rise Above Bullying

Parable Rise Over Bullying

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A worthwhile read for everyone!

The book may help you to understand how to cope with loss of a loved one but also loss of what should be enjoyable years. Because of bullying, we lose out on what can be some enjoyable years.

Bullying was and still is a serious issue and may never go away. However, the help is in your hands. Inside this book, you will learn about one man’s journey from junior high to adulthood. You will learn about the man’s strength and resilience that was required to overcome what were some tortuous and tumultuous times in this young man’s life. Despite being strong and resilient to the high school experiences, the social effects were long-lasting.

The book takes you through the years following the high school years, years when it was difficult for the author to find any semblance of a normal friendship or romantic relationship. Time did help him overcome those social effects, but it was not just the social effects that were long-lasting. Self-esteem and self-confidence was often an issue for Trevor while he attended university to become a teacher. Without some inspiration and welcomed support, he may not be the teacher he is today.

Today, Trevor takes pride in being able to use his experiences to make life better for others, by helping them realize that it is not what happened yesterday that matters – it is about today and what you do to build a better tomorrow.  

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